Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When should I use Pineapple Pair?
    Anytime you travel solo! Maybe you have an upcoming trip to attend a conference, retreat, concert, running marathon, festival, or tournament? Let us know and we can help you reduce the cost of a room.
  2. Why Book with Us?You are engaging with a trusted community of like-minded travelers. We take out the stress of sharing a room by handling registration and payment processing. If your Pineapple Pair cancels within 7 days, your room is protected and you still have a place to rest. All you need to do from here is show up and meet you new Pineapple Pair!
  3. What You Will Need Upon Arrival?
    Remember to bring a government issued ID and a credit card to check-in. Your credit card will only be used if you incur additional incidental charges. 
  4. Do I get to pick who I share a room with?
    Yes, each traveler will have an opportunity to connect with a potential match and both travelers must then agree to pair up. Every traveler must sign our terms of agreement.
  5. How Does Payment Work?
    We accept any major credit card or Paypal. Payment is processed using a safe and secure encrypted service provided by Stripe. We only charge you for the cost of the room and a modest service fee. Our service fee helps us to defray the credit card processing fees. Once you and your Pineapple Pair agree on a hotel room, we will then direct you to book your specified accommodations on our platform.
  6. What if I need to cancel?
    You may cancel your reservation for no charge up until 7 days prior to arrival. By doing so, the entire reservation is cancelled for both you and your Pineapple Pair. After this deadline, your stay is non-refundable. This makes it fair to both parties and reduces disruption to re-booking accommodations. 
  7. What if my travel buddy cancels?
    Your room reservation will be cancelled. However, if your travel buddy cancels within 7 days before the arrival date then your room reservation will remain active. You will only be responsible for your portion of the cost of the room. In either situation, we will notify you immediately of any changes and will continue our efforts to pair you up with another traveler.